About Renzi Tate Furnishings

Meet the Artist Anthony Fife

Anthony Fife, of Garner, NC, is a self-taught artist who’s excited to use the gifts God has blessed him with to offer unique works of art.

Although born with a love for art and a desire to draw, Anthony did not pursue art until much later in life when his wife Amy recognized his talent and began to convince him to paint for a few family members & friends. They soon started their own part-time business to supplement their income and allow Amy to stay at home to care for their four children. Anthony was happy to pursue art but was hesitant in himself because he was self-taught. Anthony’s art was so well received that he now chases his God-given gift and passion for art full time.

Anthony and Amy, as a husband and wife team, strive to bring a smile to every face that sees his art. They hope their art acts as a blessing to others spreading joy through bold, bright colors & helps reminds you that life is colorful, enjoy the journey, do what you love, and develop your gift.